Auction Bidding

Auctions are a high-stakes environment where emotions can quickly cloud your better judgement.

Gain the unfair advantage with a buyer’s agent bidding for you.

Buying at auction in Canberra doesn’t have to be stressful. With an experienced buyer’s agent on your side, you’ll be confident and fully prepared for auction day.

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Without doubt, your knowledge of the Canberra market and your expert handling of the auction took the emotion out of the purchase for us and kept us on track and within budget.
— Sean and Tania, purchased in Nicholls

As a buyer’s agent, I’m in the marketplace every single day. It’s an environment that most buyers only step into momentarily and lack the necessary depth of experience in. Over many years and hundreds of purchases across Canberra for clients, I’ve refined my own system to make your purchase a smooth, stress-free one. Having your auction handled by an experienced Buyer’s Agent leaves you free to resume your already-packed schedule with the peace of mind that your purchase is being professionally managed from beginning to end.

The seller is represented by a professional, so why should you face them as an amateur?
— Ben & Georgina, purchased in Belconnen
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The biggest mistake I see hopeful buyers make is trying to go it alone and figure it out as they go. Unfortunately it’s a case of you don’t know what you don’t know, and by the time that’s figured out it’s all too late - the deal has been done. Buyers are unaware of how the game is played in today’s market and end up paying thousands more than they needed to.

Buying a home is a large financial decision and going it alone leaves you exposed and unnecessarily overwhelmed during a fast-paced auction setting. What is meant to be a happy moment in your life can quickly turn to disappointment and frustration (and a few tears in there, too), and that’s not what buying a home should feel like.

Mark and Jackie, of Nicholls
We’d been wide-eyed and hopeful, but bringing Claire in made us practical, professional and a force to be reckoned with.
— Mark & Jackie, purchased in Gungahlin

Read Mark and Jackie's full story here, and find out what it's really like to work with me.

This service covers more than just the auction:

  • Initial discussions, obligation free. A chance to speak with me and ask any questions about working with a buyer’s agent;

  • Pricing analysis and reports on your property to guide you in making a well-informed decision;

  • Discussions and guidance on the best strategy for securing your home at the lowest price;

  • Negotiations prior to secure favourable terms of purchase for you;

  • The bidding itself: you'll have an accredited Buyer’s Agent bidding for you, giving you the advantage of experience across all auction situations to act in your best interests, who is emotionally detached from the outcome;

  • Pre-auction offers: if suited to the property, I can walk you through this process and ensure we have the best chance of securing the property;

  • Post-auction negotiations as required (when the property is ‘passed in’ at the auction, we shift gears for this negotiation phase);

  • Ongoing management of the entire process to ensure any issues that may arise are swiftly dealt with on your behalf;

  • Recommendations for reputable tradespeople and/or local service providers, such as utility connections;

  • Pre-settlement inspection undertaken for you to ensure you receive the property in the correct state;

  • Direct call to advise you settlement has taken place;

  • Delivery of keys on settlement day;

  • Advice and guidance from the moment you appoint me, throughout the entire process.


Using a buyer’s agent for your auction gives you the unfair advantage over your competition.

It isn’t something just for buyers with a multi-million dollar budget; this service gives you a stress-free buying experience at a fixed price, saving you time, energy and money. Buying property should be fun, after all!

“We were looking at buying a house for which we were not going to be present during the auction and needed to look at what options we had to try and use an agent whilst we were away. We had never known about buying agents beforehand and had no idea of the services they provided other than acting as a proxy for us at an auction.

 Once we had engaged Claire's services the biggest change for us was that we became a lot more confident that not only did we have someone to act for us whilst we were away but that we had the best chance at actually winning the property at auction

 We became aware that there was so much more to the auction process than we first thought. Claire sort out and provided information not only on the property, but who the prospective buyers were, who the auctioneer would be and what was the impact of all these facts and how it would influence how she would proceed with the auction for us.


Claire was absolutely amazing to work with. Her experience and expertise in this area is second to none. She taught us so much about the whole process even though we have bought and sold at auction before. She was extremely responsive to any questions we had and very proactive in gathering information for us. Despite our being away, Claire gave us the reassurance that we needed so the stress and emotion of the whole process was taken away which made the whole process for us so easy. Not only did she win the property for us but she saved us a lot of money in the process. Despite knowing our limits she worked very hard to make sure she got us the best deal rather than taking the easy option to just reach our limit and win.

Even after the auction was complete Claire and her team were extremely helpful with dealing with all the other required parties (banks, lawyers, agents) to ensure that everything ran smoothly up to Settlement which was just amazing for us to have the whole thing taken care of. We can honestly say that we would use Claire for any other property dealings we undertake in the future.”

- A & Y Diaz

Claire used her knowledge of the auction process to gain the best outcome for us. Her experience took the stress out of a very tense situation.
— Steve and Christine, purchased in Gungahlin
Having Claire act on our behalf took the stress out of buying our house, whilst having the confidence we weren’t paying over market value for the property we wanted.
— Aaron and Kerry, purchased in Weetangera

If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch to arrange an initial discussion and discover how a buyers agent can help you secure your ideal home. If you’ve not heard about buyer’s agents before, learn more about me and what role I play in your property purchase.

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