Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you help me find a rental property?

My services cover property purchases, not rentals. I believe in doing what I do well, and giving it 100% of my focus by not spreading myself thin across all topics. I have trusted property managers with years of experience in the property management field who I call on to provide input as required - they too are experts in their field. 


Q: Can you help with just the search?

A substantial component of the value that I can add for my clients is my ability to negotiate. I do this for a living, and being emotionally removed from the process I can see the purchase objectively. It would be against my duty of care for me to do the legwork of narrowing the field to then leave a buyer to fend for themselves, up against a trained negotiator. Having done the research, I am best placed to carry out the negotiations to secure the property in the best manner possible, at the best price and with the most suitable terms. 


Q: Can you do just the bidding for an auction?

Anyone can turn up and put their hand in the air for you. There's no skill or value in that. In fact, you may very well end up significantly worse off financially. The biggest advantage my clients have is the fact that I'm representing them having done the necessary preparation to fully inform them of the realistic purchase price, a sensible upper limit, and to employ an appropriate strategy to purchase that home. Turning up is a very small part of the auction process and while it may be seem great to have someone 'show up and bid' for you, it's too large a risk to take. Whether you're spending $250,000 or $2.5m, getting it wrong can equate to a significant wad of your cash that you could otherwise be spending on more important things, your next holiday even! 


Q: How do you charge?

My services are fixed fee-based. I don't charge a commission, nor any 'add-ons' or 'auction winning fees'. Each service is designed to provide the resources required to secure your ideal property. In some instances, my fee is broken into two parts - a small engagement fee, with the final payment due only once you have purchased a home. Please contact me for more information and I will be able to advise you of the fees relevant to your needs.


Q: What does a buyers agent do?

Each client is different, but the scope of works are outlined for each service on this site. As for a typical day, there's ongoing phone calls and emails with clients/agents/solicitors/brokers, physical inspections, writing up reports, analysing third-party data, preparing offers, negotiating back and forth, driving around town - it's a full time job. DIY buyers - I really hope they could take a month off work to get the job done, as it takes a lot of knowledge gained over time, research and preparation in the correct order before getting anywhere near the offer stage for any single property, if you want to buy well. A buyers agent allows you to hand the task over, together with the associated stress, leaving you free to focus only on the most important task - decision making. 


Q: I need more information. Where can I learn more?

There are a range of articles available on this site, with new topics added on an ongoing basis. The peak body within Australia for buyers agents, the REBAA, also have a website with blogs and information to assist buyers. 


Q: I'm ready to start. Where next, and how long does it take?

Great - to get started, contact me and let me know what you need. We can be underway in a matter of hours. As for the purchase - it depends on what you require. The fastest search took a mere four days, and they moved into the property the following week, rent-free, prior to settlement.