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The right house. At the right price. No games.

Daily conversations with your significant other might be sounding something like, ‘Hey, what do you think of this house?’ or ‘Any new listings today?’ Once you want to buy, so much time and energy goes into the task. Time you just don't have to spare; life is busy enough. Here in Canberra, the vast majority of homes go to auction. But how on earth are you meant to know what it will actually sell for? And don't get me started on the wide-angle lenses used to photograph the place - the ensuite looks big enough for a party but in reality it's so cramped you and your beloved can't be in there at the same time. It’s impossible to know if what you see is actually what you get. Looking online at individual properties is exhausting and repetitive because you’re going about it the wrong way. Sorry to break it to you. It often leads to frustration, going in circles, and houses start to blur into one another. 

It's time to work smarter, not harder.

If you’re posted to Canberra and planning a trip to inspect, don't waste your limited time looking at unsuitable properties. To rely on the selling agent's info when buying is like asking the chef if their food is any good. They're working for the seller, and anyone who purports to act in your best interest too is simply lying. It's a fundamental conflict of interest. You need impartial advice, someone with access to every property across all the agencies; an expert in their field. You’ll be more than politely annoyed about the wasted time and travel expenses if you've got your eye on a place only to see it go ‘under offer’. The truth is, Canberra is a town where everyone knows everyone, and deals are frequently done off-market or pre-auction. Networks are critical to avoid missing a great opportunity that the general public don't hear about. 

You can delegate the entire task of finding and inspecting those countless properties if you’d rather be happily enjoying your weekends with the family or kicking back watching sport. Life is busy enough without finding the extra time to find a house, especially if you have a deadline looming.

As your buyer's agent, I’m your secret weapon.

Forget spending your hours chasing multiple agents, checking daily for new listings and driving around open homes to see if the promise online matches reality. I'm your sole point of contact and do all that running around for you. I’ll work with your budget and your brief to give you the kind of home your family will love in the timeframe you need. Whether you want to walk to work, be near quality Canberra schools, award-winning local coffee, easy access to the lake or hills for an early morning run or ride you'll be proud to upload to Strava – I’ll take all of your needs and desires into consideration. As a local I'll also add suggestions based on my knowledge of the 'burbs. I don't pull any punches. I'll give it to you straight. If a potential home is next door to a drug house, or the place stinks of cat wee (both of these have actually happened, by the way) then you need to know. You'll receive a concise shortlist of homes so you’re only looking at the best. Plus, I've already assessed these homes based on your profile which means you've got all the necessary information in front of you. We’ll have honest conversations about purchase prices and strategies to give you clarity and confidence when buying. Tap into my systems and methods that I've spent years refining, it's a proven way to turbocharge your results.

Imagine the look on their faces when you tell the kids, 'We just bought our new home in Canberra, and this one's your bedroom!' All the while, you never missed a beat with your already-packed schedule. Surely buying a home can't be that easy, can it? Hell yes! A new home is a fun and exciting time, especially when you handball the time-consuming and stressful stuff to me. I can't wait to pass you the champagne and say those magic words, 'Congratulations, you've just bought your new home'. 

Beyond settlement day, if you need the unpacking done for you, the beds made, your fridge filled with nutritious foods for your first night (or a cheeky takeaway from an excellent local you're going to love) and a list of local services so you don't need to experiment on the kids to find a good hairdresser or reputable doctor, that's all too easy to arrange for you. After all, who better to show you the local secrets, than a local?

Get in touch and let's get cracking.


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