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Posted to Canberra?

Leverage the skillset of a local buyer’s agent and relocate to Canberra without the stress.

I’ll shortlist the best-of-the-best for homes that meet your brief, providing true-to-life footage and detailed reports so that you can make an informed decision from your current location with confidence.

Everything is done for you, leaving you free to get on with your current workload.


If you’ve been posted to Canberra and would love some local insights to help you find a quality family home, I’m here to help.

It may have been a while since you were last living in Canberra (ADFA, perhaps!) or you may have been here in the past and knew one area of town pretty well, but not ventured too much beyond that. Canberra’s changed a lot in the past few years. Areas are gentrifying, new estates have opened up and over recent years many assumptions have changed. (Spoiler: it’s no longer “20 minutes to anywhere” these days, I’m sad to say).

As a born-and-bred Canberran with two school-aged kids, I’m up to date across Canberra’s schools, property prices, infrastructure projects and amenities. It’s all part of helping you find the right area for your current and future needs, and within that, finding an ideal home. Whether you’re working in HQJOC or Russell, CP or BP, I’ll keep that front of mind when assessing travel times to recommend particular pockets of town to you.


Families are often seeking guidance on schooling decisions. Whether you would like advice and information on schools to match your child’s potential strengths, a school with DSTA support for deployments or to be close to extra-curricular activities, it’s the depth of knowledge on a micro scale that allows you and your family to select a home and suburb that will suit everyone in your household.

Working for you

As an ex-civvy myself, I’m fluent in acronym and can translate real estate agent-speak for you! Some straightforward and honest advice is my strength, and giving you the full and unfiltered truth allows you to buy with confidence. I only represent buyers, never sellers, so you have peace of mind that your interests are front and centre. My detailed video footage gives you 360-degree insights into all corners of potential homes to view at your leisure, but also beyond that I’ll cover the neighbourhood, the streetscape and the suburb at large with my commentary and notes to assess how well each one meets your brief. You’re not just buying a house after all, you’re buying into a community.

You’ve got a local right beside you, explaining the pros and cons with local knowledge along the way so that you don’t need to travel back and forth.

Where to next?

Contact me here and let me know your needs as best you can right now. I’ll answer any questions on your mind and outline the processes involved. We’ll start with an in-depth discussion over Skype or phone to clarify your requirements and from there I’ll prepare reports for you with recommendations and suggestions on locations that I’ll target for you. We’ll discuss examples of past sales to confirm we’re on the same page, and from there I narrow down to shortlist specific properties across off-market, pre-market and on-market property listings.

If you’re in the ADF and eligible for HPSEA, my fees may be covered (please refer to PACMAN for more details).

Wondering what it’s like to work with a buyer’s agent?

Who better to explain the results than an ADF couple who’ve done just that: meet Ben and Georgina. This lovely couple were posted to Canberra, and with an already jam-packed schedule of international travel, work commitments and kids’ activities, they had enough on their plate as it was. Even though they’d lived in Canberra before, that was a while ago and with growing kids on the scene now, their needs had changed and they wanted to look at areas beyond their own past experience. Asking friends and family to source a property for them wasn’t going to give them professional, unbiased advice, and the insights and benefits that an experienced buyer’s agent could bring was already familiar to them.

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"We first used a Buyer's Agent / Buyer's Advocate when we bought our last house in Melbourne 8 years ago. We asked the Buyer's Agent we had used in Melbourne for a recommendation and she asked a number of other Buyer's Agents / Buyer's Advocates. Claire's was the name that came back for the Canberra area. While waiting for that feedback, we had also done some online research and concluded that Claire Corby / Capital Buyers Agency was the clear decision.

One reason we sought Claire’s help was that we were buying from interstate. We didn't want to arrive, put our kids in schools while staying in temporary accommodation, then buy in a different location and move the kids to new schools again.

We really can't understand why anyone would go into a decision as big as real estate without a professional representing them. The seller is represented by a professional, so why should you face them as an amateur? We lived in USA for a few years and even renting, it wasn't possible to get into the market without being represented by a professional. It just doesn't make sense to us that so many Aussies would make such a big decision without professional assistance.

Claire is absolutely amazing. She's a lovely person (which is a huge bonus) but the main thing is she really understands her stuff and goes out of her way to look after your interests. Claire helped us discount houses without wasting further effort based on her knowledge of Canberra, the suburbs, schools, values and local issues. She helped us focus in quickly on the areas that that would work for us, then viewed houses and uploaded video footage that gave us an amazingly accurate feel of the house, while we were 700km away! We have seen three of the houses since seeing Claire's video footage and assessment and there were no surprises at all. We wouldn't hesitate in trusting her reviews entirely and buying a house from interstate or overseas without ever setting foot in it.

Claire took the stress out of the whole situation. The biggest difference however is likely to be financial - there is a very high likelihood that she saved us more than her fees in the price we paid at auction, by the bidding strategy that she helped us devise and the fact that she did the bidding for us, without emotion or anything to give us away to the other bidders. She also guided us away from houses that could have turned out to be less than perfect for capital growth or ease of resale in the long term; again potentially saving us far more than her fees. Claire also gave us her assessment of value on each of the houses we looked into and was our 'crystal ball' helping us accurately predict what many of the houses would go for at auction. This can save a huge amount of stress, by preventing you getting wound up about the prospect of buying a house you were probably never going to secure within your budget.

Claire allowed us to get excited about the house hunting process without the concerns. She helped us understand the market, the area, find exactly what we were looking for, and saved us more than her fees in the way she represented us through the buying process. We couldn't recommend her more highly!"

It’s an absolute pleasure helping ADF families like Ben and Georgina’s to buy with confidence. If you’d like some assistance to find your Canberra home, please get in touch now.