Auction bidder Canberra

Auctions are a high-stakes environment where emotions can quickly cloud your better judgement.

Selling agents are there to get the best possible outcome for their client – the vendor – so who can you have an honest, transparent conversation with? An independent buyer's agent represents only the buyer in a property transaction. They are emotionally detached from the property and remain calm under pressure. A skilful bidder can read the crowd, fully understand the process and the parties involved, and has the proficiency to gain the best outcome for you in the heat of the moment.


As your buyer's agent I work for you, and only for you.

Having already completed the analysis and in-depth research for you, we attend the auction armed with essential knowledge and industry information to give you clarity and the ability to make an informed decision.

Where appropriate, pre-auction offers are drafted and presented on your behalf to secure the property prior to auction. The service also includes post-auction negotiations should the property be passed in, so that you have peace of mind that the entire process is handled professionally and efficiently on your behalf. 

It’s reassuring to know you’ve got a wealth of experience on your side, a skilled negotiator representing your best interests to level the playing field. Delegate the bidding to a professional and buy with confidence; you’ll have an unfair advantage by your side.

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Property Investment Canberra

Property investment can be a fantastic way to build wealth and a strong financial future. If chosen correctly and managed well, it can open doors and provide a stepping stone to future purchases. Poorly selected and maintained, it can leave you bleeding cash and feeling burned by a financial loss.

Canberra is a great place to invest in property. Many choose it for its safe, steady returns and high average incomes enjoyed by those living in the ACT. Others purchase for future residential plans, knowing a posting to Canberra is on the cards at some point. 

Whatever your reasons for selecting Canberra, it's essential to purchase a quality asset that will give you the best possible outcome. As your buyers agent, I'll work closely with your other professionals to secure a strong performer to add to your portfolio. With my background as an accountant, my work is heavily influenced by many years of number-crunching together with my knowledge of the Canberra real estate market. Having invested in property myself since my early 20's across a wide variety of investment strategies, I understand what it's like to be an investor and I love helping others plan for a strong financial future too.

If you'd like to know more about having an experienced buyers agent and seasoned investor to head up your Canberra acquisition, please contact me now.